Batch #1 – Racked to Secondary

Just a short update on batch #1.

After two weeks in the primary, I racked to the secondary fermenter today. SG is now down to 1.016, which means it is still slowly fermenting. It also means it’s up to 6.53% ABV (alcohol by volume). That’s a bit stronger than I wanted. I probably should have added more water to the primary to lower the OG, but being my first batch, I didn’t think of it at the time.

Otherwise, it’s looking good. The color is right on, although still cloudy of course. It still smells and tastes strongly of alcohol, but the malt flavor is definitely starting to come through. Not much in the way of hops yet, though. The alcohol aroma is still overpowering. It tastes much smoother than it did 7 days ago.

My plan now is to keep it in the secondary for at least one more week before checking the SG again. Then I’ll check every 2-3 days until I get a consistent reading before bottling.

I had a new assistant today, My oldest daughter, Hilary. She had two comments. When I first pulled the lid off the primary, she said it smelled like a frat house. (Me: Really Hil? How would you know that?). After taking a sip, she said she’s tasted worse beer before. (Me: Again, how would you know that?).
I’ll take both of these statements as compliments.

Checked on it 4 hours later, and the air lock is slowly bubbling away again

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